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Volunteer Duty Rosters 

Please scroll down to find the information about your volunteer duty

                    Christ Candle               Scripture                       Announcements/Prayer Book


Dec. 3.        Ferne McLean             Helen Jones                         Carol Johnston

Dec. 10       Brenda Hicks               Jennifer Walker                 Judy Bowman

Dec. 17       Bev Campbell              Pat Boucher                        Holly Daley

Dec. 24       Elvina Sobey                Judy Bowman                      Merle Milson

Dec. 30       Linda McKinnon         John Bosma                          John Bosma

M&S            Marjorie Cassidy



Jan.7           Margaret Glidden       Elaine Dickson                    Marjorie McPhee

Jan. 14        Linda Laviolette         Wanda MacDonald             Carol Johnston

Jan. 21        Liz Mullin                     Judy Morrison                      Pat Boucher

Jan. 28        Sally Donald               Joan MacKnight Savoy        Wayne Mullin

M&S            John Bosma



Feb. 4        Cynthia Duplessie      Judy Bowman                          Judy Donnelly

Feb. 11       Ferne MacLean          Laurie MacFarlane                 Marjorie McPhee

Feb. 18       Jennifer Walker          Liz Mullin                                  Wayne Mullin

Feb. 25       Linda Laviolette         Joan MacKnight Savoy          Merle Milson

M&S            Sam Shirley


                          Information for volunteers                                     (Please read the guidelines for your Sunday duty) 

The candle(s) on the communion table will be lit in order to use the taper for the Christ candle.


If you are unable to attend on your scheduled week, please find a replacement and contact the office to advise so that a change may be made for the bulletin.

Guidelines for Scripture Readings

Begin by reading the “Prayers for Illumination”.  You may ask the congregation to join you even though it is not highlighted.

If doing a “Responsive Reading”, begin by announcing the Psalm number and page. Then pause as the choir sings the refrain, 2 times.  Also pause throughout the reading if you see an “R” (for refrain).  You may also ask people to stand at the beginning if you so desire.

For the scripture readings, announce name the book, the chapter and finally the verses. 

 ex.  Matthew (book) 5 (chapter) verses 12-20

Guidelines for Announcements and Prayer Book

Begin by acknowledging who the bulletins are dedicated to for the week. 

Follow by the memorials … do not mention the donor’s names.

Announce sympathies of the congregation and then any special occasions ie. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Mention the flowers at the front of the church have been placed “in memory of” or “in honour of “ by donor’s name.

Be sure to thank the worship volunteers in their various duties … greeters, sound system, powerpoint

Remind the congregation of the meetings for the following week.

Briefly summarize events that are upcoming.

It is not necessary to go over “community events” as this may take up too much time.

It is wise to remain in the front pew as you will soon be needed to read the names from the “Prayer Book” during the” Prayers of the People.


Guidelines for Greeters

It is important to be friendly and welcoming to all attendees but especially to visitors and newcomers.

Be at the church at least 40 minutes for the service begins.

Encourage guests/newcomers to sign the guest book (found outside the sanctuary in the entry)

One person is to bring the offering and the prayer book forward when the “Offertory Hymn” is being sung.  Remain standing at the front with the plate and when the prayer is finish, return the plate to the office.

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