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Legacy Giving

Planning for Tomorrow 

What is Legacy Giving? 

Legacy gifts are made from one's accumulated resources. Once bequests to family and other commitments are met, charitable legacies are included by many United Church members and adherents. If you are considering a planned gift to St. Andrews United Church, you can designate it specifically for our church, for the Mission and Service Fund, or for other specified purpose.

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There are several ways to gift St. Andrews Church:  

1.Bequests: These are stated in one's Will and generate a charitable tax receipt for use by the Estate.


2.Gift Annuities: A United Church Gift Annuity not only allows you to leave a gift to the church but provides you with an income for your lifetime. The income is mostly non-taxable and a one-time charitable receipt is issued for a portion of the annuity. A joint life annuity for you and your spouse can also be arranged.


3. Gifts of Shares: When you make a gift of shares to St. Peter's, your taxable capital gain is significantly reduced, however your charitable tax receipt is for the full value of the shares on the day they are received by the Church.


4. Gifts of Life Insurance: You can donate an existing policy and receive a charitable tax receipt for its cash value. Alternatively, you can purchase a new policy, enabling you to make a large gift to the Church in the future for a relatively small cost now. You receive a charitable tax receipt for the premiums you pay now. You receive a charitable tax receipt for the premiums you pay.


Legacy Giving  

St. Andrews United Church has been working in our community since 1816. Our rich faith inheritance has been made possible by the faithful witness and generosity of those who have gone before us. It is now up to us to plan for the future of our church and Legacy Giving provides financial gifts to help ensure the future of our church in our community.  


Legacy Gifts are not intended to be used for ongoing operating expenses. Rather, it is a separate source of funds that will be used to support the future ministry and mission outreach of St. Andrews United Church 

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